Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Toronto Star

It's been a few nights since I wanted to write some thing about Toronto Star newspaper and compare it with the Iranian radical/fascist paper Keyhan run by the office of the supreme leader of the Islamic regime, (see here).

Why did I not write? Well, honestly because I was scared. You know, writing against a newspaper run by the regime leader is really terrifying and I thought if I compare Toronto Star with Keyhan, some one will come down to hunt me, meaning as if writing against The Star is like writing against those idiots... [laughing] ... I think I still suffer from the bad memories of my time back in Iran any way. I have to remind you, that their contents are not the same, although their contents may just sound similar when it comes to US, Israel and democratic movements through out the mideast region. It doesn't matter though, but there are some silly but true similarities I thought you should know about.

1- Keyhan is the only paper that you caan get for free in Iran, so is Toronto Star

2- Keyhan is the only paper allowed in University campuses in Iran and you can also find Toronto Star around in almost every single university or colleges in GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

3- Keyhan publishes lots of bullshit, so does Toronto Star -- **cough cough**

4- The most anti-freedom, anti-US, anti-Israeli columnists write for Keyhan, and this seems to be the case for Toronto Star as well.

5- Keyhan newspaper is the only paper available in public/government offices, so is Toronto Star as far as I have noticed.

Why did it look like that to me? I don't know. I just don't think it is appropriate when the liberal/leftist part of the society tries so hard to shape the opinion of the society the same way as Mullahs of Iran do.

Don't you agree?!

*** I'll add more similarities as they come to my mind ***

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Papa Ray said...

They would have to be pretty bad to match the N.Y. Times and the L.A. Times.

Do they carry good cartoons and free classifieds?

That is all most Americans read in Newspapers anyway. The main use for newspapers in the U.S. is to put in the bottom of cat litter boxes, bird cages and their use as packing materials.

Oh, and to soak up any oil spilled when changing the oil in their cars.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Sherry said...

Papa Ray,
Now I DID save a newspaper about my Ohio State Buckeyes winning the National Title on Jan. 3,2003 for the 2002 season. I don't read the newspaper anyway, it's bad enough to get those sale papers from Wal-mart and grocery stores which I conveniently donate to my trash can or throw them in the Lake of fire(fireplace).

Louise said...

Yup. That Antonia Zerbisias is quite a piece of work, isn't she. How she manages to hang on to that job simply amazes me. The Star does have a few reasonable editorialisers, but she's as loonie as they come. Just the mention of her name, makes me wanna puke.

ملا حسنی said...

I think Keyhan is similar to National Post.
Toronto star is similar to Jomhori Eslami(newspaper)

Winston said...

molla joon, I am a National Post subscriber and reader and I dont know why you think they are like Keyhan. National Post is a great paper but Toronto star is just full of crap. I hate that paper for their anti-US articles

Leap Frog said...

No doubt Winston, the TO red STAR is as left leaning as it gets, as Louise said.

More than ticks me off though, as I view them as publically giving comfort and encouragement to our enemies. twits.

Here's another example of one of their writers Haroon Siddiqui bashing our PM.

... H/T LGF, as normally avoid their website.

Rosemary said...

Papa Ray, I got tired of their racist cartoons! When they banned-CENSORED-BC, I lost all interest in cartoons until Chris Muir. lol.

Dear Winston,
Did you expect anything less? When they are lower than worms, I did not know they could get much lower. lol.

Kobi said...

wow! very nicely said! keep up the work, man! This is the best post of you according to me.

Louise said...

Rosemary, do mean the cartoon BC? It was banned????? That's crazy.

Tigger said...

Their biggest disgrace so far was during the Cartoon Crisis when, not only did they refuse to print the cartoons, they actually printed an image of Muhammad and censored it themselves, to show how willing they are to appease the terrorists.