Monday, July 10, 2006

Zidane the Terrorist

Seems the Italian player called French muslim player Zidane "A Terrorist" during yesterday's world cup final game, and it provoked Zidane so much that he attacked the Italian guy. hmmmm, I think being PC doesn't mean much to European soccer players or may be people over there think he is a terrorist.
    The Guardian says: 'A red card rather than a greetings card ushered Zinedine Zidane into retirement 19 minutes into extra-time. The captain was sent off for reacting to a dispute with Marco Materazzi by turning and butting the scorer of Italy's goal in the chest. He had surely been provoked - there were suggestions last night that Materazzi had called him "a terrorist" - but Zidane will be right to curse his stupid reaction.'
I didn't like either of the teams but I am glad French didn't win. I just don't think French deserved to win any thing in this cup. It is not the beautiful game any more and I don't think I ever watch soccer/football again.


Anonymous said...

BBC has a different take - it appears that Marco made a derogatory remark about Zizou's mother. While there may be video evidence to match, Zizou's reaction was inexcusable.

France dominated the match, but the PKs are a lottery. Sometimes you win (France '98, Brazil '94) and sometimes you lose. I thought the French, German, Italian, Brazilian, Spanish and Argentinian teams all played well.

the boodge said...

I myself am glad France lost! I mean, who like's the French? When was the last time France ever won anything from wars to bike races! Their arrogance will lead to their destruction!