Thursday, August 3, 2006


Yesterday afternoon I was looking for a building at one of the university campuses here in leftie Toronto and I was unable to find it. I did look for directions and maps to find the place but all I could see was pro Hezbollah banners, leaflets and flyers all over the place taking the side of terrorists and asking to put an end to Israeli war crimes... Like it matters what bunch of pro-jihadi idiots want in a left wing university here in Canada.

By the way, I thought hezbollahi thugs only exist in universities of Iran but I was totally wrong. They are every where.


Goesh said...

I wish I had better words of encouragement for you and all Iranians under the oppression of the mullahs, but I don't. There is hope only as long as people like you continue to speak out, so don't ever stop. I wish America would wake up and hear your voice and others like you.

Tina said...

That's a bit surprising. Are they that out in the open up there?

peace said...

In the aftermath of Qana, some of Israel's supporters — encouraged on background at times by Israeli officials — explored the theory that perhaps the entire incident was a hoax. Such an idea is not without precedence. In 2002, during Operation Defensive Shield, the Palestinian Authority told reporters that Israel's offensive into Jenin was a massacre with thousands of civilian casualties. It turned out that 52 Palestinians, most of whom were gunmen, died in the attack along with 23 Israeli soldiers. Since the initial casualty estimates of Qana of nearly 60 dead, those numbers have been revised to 28.

Winston said...

Yep, they are out in the open for every one to see

Adrian from Denmark said...

We've had same demonstrations with both hizbollahs and Hitb ut tahrir here in Denmark.

Some photos can be found here :

There were also a demo to support israel, and the nice is that a famous (In Denmark) iranian participated actively (Farshad Kholgi - photo#6) :-)

Today there where an rally to enlighten us kaffirs about islam in my neighbourhood, and there were arabic marketday in the local shoppingmall :-|

I sit here in room, looking at my country, and wonder what the hell went wrong.

In contrast to all these Talebanized maniancs, I can tell that I had the day of my life yesterday, when I had an iranian visitor.
I hope you guys get your country back from the mullahs hand one day, but if you dont, we should make a plan to boot the crazed arabs and pakistanis that for the most of them support or sympathize with terrororgs, and we should welcome more iranians to our country.