Thursday, August 17, 2006

Regime seizes satellite receivers

Well, it was just about time that Islamic regime goes out and detain people who have satellite receivers and seize or destroy their equipments. Read More about it

Do you want to know how they do that? Well, like this, these and there you go, here are more pics

If there is any thing regime is afraid of, it is the people of Iran. Mullahs aren't afraid of any foreign force and they, frankly, want a foreign invasion to toughen their grip over the people of Iran but, believe me, they are scared of their own people to death.

Mullahs are afraid that satellite TVs tell the stories they don't want their poeple to hear.

باور کنین رژیم اسهالی ایران از هیچ چیزی مثل مردم ایران هراس نداره و اگر هم الان ماهواره ها رو جمع میکنن دلیل ساده ای داره و اونهم اینه که از اگاهی مردم خودشون میترسند


kupablo said...

thank you Winston

i wonder where is the craziest place to live in today, Israel or Iran ? or maybe Lebanon?

the middle east is a crazy place to live in and i hope that at the end we'll see more sainity in the region.

Chester said...

"If there is any thing regime is afraid of, it is the people of Iran."

EXACTLY! They're more afraid of a revolt against them by their own people, than any invading army.

Anonymous said...

I'm scared to death of bugs.

It doesn't keep me from crushing any of the little creepy crawlies that I see.

The rebels of Iran may take pride in the fear the mullahs have for them, but pride won't dislodge the Mullahs, change Iran, or provide any protection when they wield the flyswatters of the Republican Guard.

It will only get you crushed, as many times as there are rebels who make their presence known.

Think you can take over the house without outside help? Maybe you can, but don't think you will ever be able to do it without attacking the homeowner directly.