Friday, August 18, 2006

Wiretapping Program

Hey, what's wrong with the idiot leftists and ACLU A$$holes who think NSA eavesdroppings had no legal basis? Why do they not understand it when President of the United States say it is just to track FOREIGN TERRORISTS who may happen to use phones for terror plans?

I hated ACLU way before this for their stupid defense of silly criminals, pedophiles and... etc but I think, this time, they really proved to be on ENEMIES' side.


Sherry said...

I don't mean to sound mean but if a Democrat becomes president, you can bet that the United States will be attacked. I am tired of the news media leaking everything about the wiretapping and watching certain overseas banks. All the ACLU is worried about is rights of people who are not american citizens. I could care less if they tapped my phone.

goli said...

If you are not about to kill anyone or contact your terrorist friends around the world, why should you care if anyone overhears your conversation?! I pray they keep controling the enemies. where the heck is these's leftists brains?

Don G said...

Why blame the ACLU? The court, not the ACLU, rendered the verdict based on its interpretation of the law. Are you saying Americans shouldn't question their government?

In any case the judge stayed the injunction while the government appeals the decision. So in the meantime, nothing has changed.

Winston you know the President can't decree he has certain powers. He must live within the law like everyone else.

If the the government needs to conduct wiretaps, so be it. Just do it according to the law.

Rosemary said...

There is a stay on that idiot's decision, and we are going to keep using it. There is no judge in America that can overrule the President of the United States when it comes to him performing his duties as per the Constitution.

BTW, did any of you know that the plaintiffs are aclu lawyers? Read this.

monica zandi said...

if a democrat becomes president he/she will too use the NSA program, however modified, the logistics will still be implemented.

Sherry said...

Don G, it's the ACLU Lawyers who went before the judge. We do question our governments, that is why we vote! As far as protecting people, GIVE THE PRESIDENT THE POWER TO PROTECT IT'S PEOPLE. Judges are using their liberal powers to go against any type of protection.

How would you feel if your child went against you every time you told him/her NO? You try to explain to them about how it's for their protection, they look at you and say "No, the law states you can't interfere in my life."

We are the Children of America, thus we are to be protected by the Elected Official which is the President.