Monday, August 14, 2006

World Trade Center

I saw World Trade Center at movies Sunday night and I admit I never liked Oliver Stone's movies especially his recent movie Alexander (2004) movie which was completely crap and insulting towards Persian history as well.

I do hold a personal grudge against him for that matter though, but I think stories and movies about Sept, 11th can manipulate my feelings easily, therefore I believe it is not fair on my part to judge this movie. I just don't know what a leftist movie maker like Oliver Stone wanted to achieve by this other than saying "The Will to Survive is Strong" and "Human beings can be ruthless and kind and do unimaginable things" and I wonder whether he could say that through any other movie or not. He didn't have to make a movie about Sept, 11th to meet this end.

This movie is not about 9/11 or doesn't address September 11th events as one may expect. It's sort of about the survival of two New York city's port authority police officers who were trapped under the rubble for hours before being pulled out by rescuers. There's still an un-answered question for me and it is why director Stone didn't tell viewers more about the marine officer who initiated a personal rescue mission through the "Ground Zero". He appeared like Superman, found the guys and disappeared into the thin air at the end, and had a cell phone in hand talking to some people on the other end of the line (One could wonder if this is another Oliver Stone's leftie trick to tell us 9/11 was an inside job or something -- I got that impression for a few minutes watching this marine trying to do some thing there -- and it is frustrating) and I really want to know more about that aspect of movie too.

All in all, I give 31/2 stars to this movie!

دیشب رفتم و فیلم مرکز تجارت جهانی ساخته الیور استون رو دیدم. سایت صدای امریکا هم به فارسی در مورد این فیلم اینجا نوشته که بد نیست بخونید


Chaya said...

I still can't even think about 9/11 without starting to cry. I could NEVER see any movie about 9/11!!

Chester said...

3 1/2 stars out of 5? or 10?

Most people have said that it's a very good movie.
I haven't seen it. But judging from the reviews I've read and heard, you picked up on something that many reviewers/critics have missed - This isn't a movie about 9/11. It's being advertised as a movie about heroism and survival. So people should believe the advertising, in this case.

In fairness, he did choose real life heroes from 9/11. So, there is a connection.

Here's something on that marine you mentioened. It turns out that despite being played by a white actor, he's black and Stone's people didn't realize it until filming had already begun. Seems to me that the oversight is significant enough that they should have re-cast and re-shot that footage. But maybe they thought re-casting would take too long, and shutting down the project would cost them too much money.

Here's a link to the story about the REAL marine, Jason L. Thomas.

Story Here

Winston said...

3 1/2 stars out of 5

ng2000 said...

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