Friday, September 29, 2006


There was a huge argument, couple of days ago, at school over the nature of the state of Israel and whether it's an apartheid regime or not. This argument, which is really absurd and crap, was made by couple of silly Arab guys and was countered by some Jewish students and turned into a hot dispute when university security guards had to intervene to prevent it from becoming a real clash.

I wish someone would have asked those silly Arab guys why they don't object to the real sexual apartheid in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Yemen or other Islamic states where women are treated like shit, homosexuals are sentenced to death. I wish someone would have punched them in the face and ask them why they don't just take care of their own shitty business before paying attention to others' fine business.

Israel is a democratic and civilized state and last time I checked, they don't punish people for drinking alcohol, execute homosexuals or cut hands of criminals, even terrorists get a decent trial and punishment for their bloody actions. This stupid bias towards Israel is just deeper than a simple clash of Arab-Israeli people. It has its roots in jealousy and anti-semitism. While majority of Arabs live in shitholes of mideast, Israeli citizens enjoy a free and moden society which makes them target of all sorts of anti-Jewish sentiments and actions.

It is really about their hatred for the Jews. Period!

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Amir said...

Israel is, in fact, a very democratic state for its own citizens. Their citizens enjoy a real freedom of press, unlike us in the Americas! In Israel, being a critic is NOT equal to anti-semitism and I envy that.

doxRaven said...

It is really about their hatred for the Jews. Period!

is that really an end in itself?

programmer craig said...

Winston, you're right. It is about hatred of the Jews. Martin Luther King pointed that out when somebody started lecturing him about so-called "zionists."

And if Martin Luther King didn't know racism when he saw it (or heard it) then nobody did.

I've been called a "jew" as an insult on arab blogs more times than I could count. Not a zionist. A Jew. Why, when I make no secret of the fact I am an American Christian of European ancestry? Why would somebody call me a jew? I think it's because they don't like my opinions because I dodn't say what they want to hear, and they assume I must be a jew pretending not to be a jew, in order to trick people. You know, because jews are evil and dishonest like that. Every claim I've ever heard made against Israel was based in racism, because any objective look at the history of the last 60 years will demonstrate that the Israelis treat their enemies BETTER than anybody else does. By a LOT. Without exception. Arabs wish they would be treated as well by other Arabs as they are treated by Israel.

Rosemary said...

Maybe one day the light of truth will shine and everyone will be able to see the truth...

Maya M said...

It is strange how similar to each other are different anti-Semitic powers throughout history - and their Western appeasers.
About the latter, you can check Medoff's article "The Ivy League’s Love Affair with Nazis" (