Monday, September 18, 2006

Canadians killed in action

It's sad to hear that four more Canadian soldiers were killed in action earlier today.
    A suicide bomber has killed at least four Canadians in an attack on a NATO patrol in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar, Canada's military says.
I am really sorry for their families and I do hope their souls rest in peace. It's very important to support the troops and the mission they are tasked for. I wish I could do more...


Papa Ray said...

You can do more, if you want you can support the troops (Canadian or American or British or Polish) by sending them cards, letters, emails, visiting their blogs, sending packages of things they need (particually the Afghan).

A google search will turn up these organisations that will assist you in this.

Visit they have listings for military blogs from over 28 countries.

Search under various (left sidebar) services or countries for troops that have blogs.

Papa Ray

Louise said...

Thank you Papa Ray. I've take your advise and do something to support our troops.

Rosemary said...

Soldiers' Angels is a wonderful and trustworthy organization for helping the troops. They comfort the injured, offer care packages for the troops in the field, and they also take care of the loved ones left behind.

I am very sorry for Canada's loss, but I am also very proud. Many people live a lifetime, and they never contribute very much. These young men, while only living a short while, gave everything they had to give. Thank God for the selfless and the protectors.