Thursday, September 7, 2006

Mahdism Doctrine

Mahdism (of Mahdi, the 12th absent Imam of the Shia) doesn't sound new to me but it is really weird that the regime is putting lots of efforts into this type of crap. You know, we have a regime that certainly wants to acquire nuke weapons and also thinks of forcing poor Mahdi to return to earth to pave the way for their future islamic caliphate. It sure scares every decent human being but we should not forget that this regime must be dealt with before it is too late. Featured below is a selection of links to photos of the Second International Conference of Mahdism Doctrine held on Wednesday in Tehran and attended by Immadinjihad (Ahmadinejad that is) and several high ranking shiite clerics of the regime. here is more on this

Look at the pictures of this silly seminar here: ISNA , Mehr News
This is a regime of dangerous lunatics and mad men...


مرد پیر said...

Mahdi willreturn
if you dont know
call 118

مرد پیر said...

مهدی خواهد امد
اگر خبر نداری
زنگ بزن 118 بپرس

Anon said...

Yup, they're dangerous lunatics.
Khamenei seems to be siding with them, too. I wonder if he's really gone over to their beliefs, or if he's just trying to sound as though he is?

na. said...

you see the real face of devil.