Thursday, October 5, 2006

Against Logic

If you defend the right to exist of the Jewish state of Israel on any university campus in this city, you are a Racist. Those Arab guys will call you racist and, if you're lucky, a hate-monger. But they're not racist, themselves, if they keep on labeling people who just disagree with their pathetic lies.

I am just wondering why Canadian university campuses are filled with people who want to preach hate and stupidity against logic and any thing related to Israel, Bush, Judaism and US and no one seems to want to stop these hate preachers in academic areas.


na said...

Dear winston,we also have the same problem here in europe..look at london/Amsterdam etc.
"they" misuse the west-democracy and the european are (still) naiv.lately,after terrorist attack in Madrid & London, the european governments are paying better attention now.
viva Iran viva Israel

Louise said...

When the hate preachers are the professors, that's when it's really worrying. Young idots are a dime a dozen and they usually end up mellowing when they get older, but someone has to be teaching this nonsense and sadly there are tenured professors who make a living propogating hatred. Their careers would be finished if common sense and truth ever penetrated their curriculm.

programmer craig said...

The tyranny of the left is most noticeable on University campusses. I think it's because young people are naturally idealistic and easily influenced by the left at that age. It's very annoying.... parents don't send their kids to College to be brainwashed... do they?

Rosemary said...