Monday, October 2, 2006

Angry Mullahs, Teachers & Farmers

There are news and confirmed stories (in Persian) of an angry mullah, named Ayatollah Kazemeini Borujerdi, leading his followers against the Islamic regime of Iran. I heard more about him via a call to one of the VOA Persian's live programs.

While I am against any Mullah and I believe a good mullah is a dead one, I do admit that those Islamic clerics, who know the regime is doing all these crimes in the name of their religion, are getting more vocal against the phoney ruling ayatollahs of Iran. And any action against the regime inside of Iran is appreciated any way. No body is happy with the regime.

This ayatollah has sent two open letters to Javier Solana of EU asking him to refuse any offer of negotiation from Iranian envoys and has also sent a letter to Pope Benedict asking for help. Now there are reports that regime has detained more than 40 of his followers, including many women, who were guarding his house in Tehran to prevent regime agents from attacking their spiritual leader.

And I m also hearing from inside of Iran, that hundreds of Iranian teachers will stage sit-ins and strikes this coming thursday in front of ministry of education in Tehran and government offices in other cities to protest against low incomes and discriminations...

Meanwhile, reports indicate the sporadic clashes between farmers and regime's security forces have occured many times in the month of September in north of Iran.

All these sporadic moves against the regime must be led to bear fruit and world community should support the Iranian people with one strong voice.


Rosemary said...

Yes, the world should. I am so afraid they will not. Are you aware that the UK made a truce with the Taliban, against NATO's leadership's advice, to leave a place they were protecting?

With guts like that, who will fight with us? Oh heck. We never needed their help before. I just wish these people who think they know oh so much would get the hell out of the way of freedom for the Iranian people.

I've been reading The Daily Times. I really should read something else, but who else will tell us the news?

It is good that the people are gaining strength. I pray for them that the mullahs do not harm them. Or anyone else for that matter. Thanks for link!

Aryamehr said...

As long as Iranians understand what it means to be a mullah i'm fine if they USE this as an excuse to stage something for the benefit of the country. But if they like dumb cattle are going to elevate a lowlife mullah to take over the country then they are indeed fools who do not deserve any better.

Louise said...

I hope this is the beginning of something much greater and totally effective.

The cynic in me imagines some American money and other types of influence being at play here, which is a good thing, but somewhere down the road, say a generation or so from now, there will be an incorrigable monster emerge who was once part of this movement, and here we go again. The leftie loons will be moaning and crying about how the US made this monster because they supported the movement for freedom.

But, no one can predict the future, so I say, if there is American support, which I'm 99.99999% sure of, good on them.

na said...

Hey Friends,don´t trust mullahs..THINK,why we do have so many problems?and what is our problems?any voice against this regime is good but don´t forget whose hostages we are?
the enemy of my enemy is my friend?..i would say: not always!!!
It´s nice to hear that even mullahs have problems with this Mullah-regime!!

c.h. said...

I have to give credit to Ayatollah Borujerdi for being outspoken against the regime.
His followers who are trying to protect him deserve credit too.
I would think his arrest will come soon.