Sunday, October 22, 2006


Coca-Cola and probably Pepsi are going to be banned in Iran soon, the Sunday Times of Ireland reports, because they support Israel and America.

But the irony is that you never hear the regime banning French or German products since they are Israel's allies as well. All you hear is that American goods get banned there because they are Americans and therefore the profits will go to support the Zionists.

It tells me some thing, if the bastard mullahs of Iran are genuine in their concerns about the never existed people of Palestine then why they don't boycotte their European trade partners.

This is just going to show us how Iran is run under the rule of these criminal clerics. It is now being colonized by Europeans.

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Aryamehr said...

Actually they've been banned ever since the Islamist Revolt of '79, they just found out that some company which they've been dealing with has a partnership or some kind of relationship with Coca Cola!

BTW you are right about the British/French products statement...

Anonymous said...

Isn't nuclear technology and nuclear parts they are after to make the Islamic bomb, the internet,the computers, the cell phones, the technology that extracts their oil and refines it are Western products created by the Evil West and the Great Satan?

Maya M said...

To my opinions, it's not Europeans colonizing Iran, but rather the other way round - Mullahs colonizing Europe.

Rosemary said...

You may have that backwards, Winston. I think the mullahs are colonizing Europe!