Saturday, October 7, 2006

Mullah vs Mullahs

It's true that I'm on vacation but it doesn't mean I am totally ignoring the news coming out of Iran. I am reading about new protests in Tehran. We talked about an angry mullah who has been protesting against the phoney mullahs since a few weeks ago and now Radio Free Europe reports that clashes between this mullah's followers and regime's security forces have erupted in Tehran.

It's really interesting that mullahs are fighting mullahs and it would be really interesting to see the collapse of regime this way.

Update 1: I heard that around 2000 people were protesting against the regime yesterday in Tehran.


Tina said...

I pray to God there will be enough people to protect this good man. I hope they don't capture him. He is exactly what the Iranian people need. A man of great courage.

programmer craig said...

Several hundred supporters of an outspoken cleric in Tehran, Ayatollah Kazemeyni Boroujerdi, gathered today in the streets around his house to protest what they described as violation of "freedom of religion."

Interesting development. Very interesting. He's arguing for a secular Iran... that would change everything. I wonder how serious he is and how far he'd be willing to go? That's exactly the type of reform that might actually work, but it's such a radical reform that it would require constituting a new government, since the currect regime is by definition a theocracy.

Winston said...

Craig, I believe and I do hope that any type of reform to Islam would come from Iran at the end and that's why taking back Iran is so vital in this war on terror. Islam is not a reformable religion at all but if there is any chance of reform, it will happen in Iran through a secular regime change and I keep my fingers crossed for that.