Monday, October 16, 2006

Protests, again...

There have been some more nation-wide protests in Iran in the past few days and it looks the people's dissatisfaction with the regime is growing on a daily basis.

University of Tehran's students gathered today morning to protest against detention of the leader of the student movement. Pictures available

And about 1000 ordinary citizens gathered in city of Esfehan, last week, in central Iran to protest against the destruction of the historical monuments by the regime.

Teachers have also staged small scale protests in front of ministry of education thru the past few days, Rooz Online reports

And, as you know, there were large scale protests in Tehran over the detention of that critical cleric which I also covered last week.

So, I believe, there is a growing anger at the regime among the people and the Islamic Republic of Iran is completely rejected by the Iranian people. It's time for the rest of the world to step up and help us free Iran. It's time for the so-called free world to stop bogus trade and relation with the criminal mullahs and join forces against these blood-thirsty criminals who are running Iran into abyss and nuclear annihilation.


C.H. said...

All of the protests and demonstrations in Iran need to be made public. The msm refuses to do it, so the blogs need to fill that void.

Tina said...

The evil regime will end the day the people figure out that when they stick together, they are stronger than army, stronger than any goverment. Until they realize that, they will remain in chains.

Winston said...

Tina, I totally agree with you