Monday, November 20, 2006


I have always been aware of power struggle within the Islamic regime of Iran and since the (s)election of Ahmadinejad to his new job, I have warned my western friends over this new threat posed by Ahmadinejad/ Mesbah-Yazdi faction that for now, they look powerless within this monsterous regime but they shouldn't be allowed to gain any sort of power in the future as well.

Mesbah Yazdi believes in accelerating the return of 12th Imam through extreme violence and jihad against infidels and so-called western tyrants.

Now, what I was afraid of is going to happen and it is not really a good thing. Washington Times reports that infamous ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi is getting ready to be the next supreme leader of the regime.

I clearly remember what we were told about some stories that sounded like fiction, at schools back in Iran. Students were being told that one day a loud 'Allahu Akbar' will be heard from Saudi Arabia and then missiles will be launched towards America and, America will retaliate by launching missiles but it is Islam and Imam Zaman that will prevail over infidels.

This can be a fiction and sound like one, but to many mad clerics it is a reality and will happen. It's their ultimate dream to dominate the world and rule all of us the way they are, now, ruling the people of Iran.

The only way to prevent this from happening is to help put an end to the entire Islamic Republic regime, otherwise there is nothing that can stop these madmen from what they want to do which is to acquire nuclear weapons, spread Islamic terrorism around the world and dominate the region and turn it into a hotbed for their revolutionary ideas. This must not happen and it is possible to prevent the regime to do more harm. Putting an end to the regime is the major solution to our major concerns.


Tina said...

I saw a picture of that mullah yesterday. Talk about an evil looking being!

The only thing that frightens me is that Bush will only be in the WH another 2 years. I only hope that whoever comes after him is as strong because things are going to get much worse.

chester said...

Elections of Assembly of Experts is next month.
I don't see any stopping Mesbah.

Rosemary said...

President Bush hurried up to assemble his own think tank/study group about the situation in the ME. I don't think he agrees with the Baker report. It is stupid and suicidal to risk talking to Syria and Iran.

Now that Iran's Hizbollah, supported by Syria, has assassinated Minister Geyarel. I called the Lebanon Embassy in the USA to send my condolences the country and his family. (202-939-6300)

They are calling it a terrorist attack. Who knows? Maybe now they will continue the struggle to rid themselves of Hizbollah. It can become a regional fight very quickly, and we are already there. (I made some suggestions to President Bush.) Let us pray.