Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Iran condemns Canada

The Third Committee of the UN General Assembly on Tuesday passed a resolution sponsored by Canada condemning human rights violations in Islamic Iran. And Islamic regime, in return, denounces Canada for human rights violations. Iranian regime has hit back by drafting a resolution accusing Canada of mistreating its aboriginals and immigrants to Canada.

What the hell?

The funny thing is that thousands of Iranians flee their ruined country and come to Canada as either refugees or immigrants. I bet the regime has gone blind to see that its own citizens are escaping the country in masses. Iranian regime's official figures state that around 150,000 people leave Iran every year on political or social grounds. Brain drain has become a major problem since the Islamic regime seized power in 1979 and scores of Iranians just don't want to live in that land any more and they resort to any means to get out.

So please cut the crap, Iran. All of us know what is really going on there.

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Tina said...

Harper ought to make a point of saying that thousands of Iranians have escaped Iran and sought refuge in Canada. Perhaps Mr. Amadamadingdong would care to point out how many Canadians have sought refuge in Iran.