Sunday, November 4, 2007

Iran's Hostage Crisis


4th of November is the anniversary of the illegal take over of the US embassy and its personnel in Tehran by the militant Islamic thugs back in 1979. I am posting this to remind every one of the incident and we need to denounce that savage act.

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Canadians may even be surprised to find out that some American hostages were rescued by their embassy and later escaped Iran with their help.

The above mentioned book was also the most painful and heart-breaking thing I've ever read about the Americans hostages in Iran and it gives you a good insight about the mistreatment of Americans in the hand of those bastard thugs... Also a great insight into the incompetent administration of Jimmy Carter during the crisis. Highly recommended book.

This link takes you to the web site prepared by a former US Marine who was in the area of operation during hostage rescue attempt in April 1980.

Any how, it is the duty of every single true Iranian to apologize for this act of cowardice and savagery and condemn those who did take Americans as hostage and kept them for 444 days. I, for one, apologized for that and will always do, although I had nothing to do with it but I feel bad when the name 'IRAN' is known as terrorism, bombings, savagery, human rights abuses, nuclear weapons and hostage crisis of 1980. It's shameful and we have to take responsibility for our wrong doings.


Rosemary said...

Dear Winston,
Each and every country has its own wrongs. You were not even born yet, so you do not need to apologize. However, I understand the need in your heart to do so. I accept your apology.

Look at it like this. We (the USA) had a war with Japan and Germany. Now we are friends. We do not look back at each other for past sins, except to capture Nazis who still roam the earth.

We understand that most people were not even born yet! There is no need to hold a grudge. It would only hurt us, not them. I hope you find comfort somehow in the knowledge that the area you are referring to is PERSIA, not Iran. :)

Azarmehr said...

I was invited to see former hostage Bruce Langdon in London, but I have had so many pointless meetings with Americans that I thought this time I am not going to let my work suffer for a bit of pointless chit chat. Then I saw Bruce Langdon on VOA Persian and I was so glad I had made the right decision.

I couldn't believe it when this guy turned out and said Khomeini was against the hostage taking but he felt the power was in the streets and wanted to go along with the power! What??!!!

Khomeini was the power! what he said to be done was acted in the streets and vice versa.

Throughout his interview, he seemed to be apologising to the Iranian regime, repeatin the US has accepted the Islamic Revolution in Iran as a fact.

Sudenly I thought may be these Carter diplomats deserved to have been taken as hostages, after all if the the US ambassador in Iran at the time, described Khomeini as Iran's Gandhi, he must have based his conclusions on the reports from these useless diplomats.

Kafir said...

Canadians may even be surprised to find out that some American hostages were rescued by their embassy and later escaped Iran with their help.

I remember this. I laughed my ass off because when the "students" heard about it, they started shouting that what the Canadians had done was illegal.

Louise said...

I remember the Canada's role in that, too. Ken Taylor was the Canadian Ambassador to Iran who helped the Americans escape. I remember being really proud of my country at that moment. I wasn't aware that the students bitched about it being illegal, though. That's hilarious.

Kafir said...

So he was there after all.