Saturday, November 4, 2006

Regime Change

Amir Taheri, an expert on Iran, has written an important article for Commentary magazine regarding the possibilities of regime change in Iran.

He is skeptical toward those who have called for engagement with this criminal regime as I am. And we need to remember that the only language mullahs of Iran can understand is the language of force and toughness.

The only viable solution to the mideast problems, from Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the insurgency in Iraq and Afghanistan, is to help the democratic forces of Iran topple the murderous regime of Iran before it is too late. By late, I mean, before Islamic regime acquires nuclear weapons and use it against Israel and Westerners.

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howie said...

What can I say but, overall, you are correct.

Anon said...

Regime change and Iran as our ally once again can help change the entire middle east and more.