Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Bam quake anniversary

Three years have passed since the tragic quake in the city of Bam in SE of Iran.

We remember this day with sadness and mourn for the dead. I'd like to remind you that this tragedy just proved how incapable Mullahs are in ruling Iran and treating the people of Iran.

Pictures of Bam after 3 yrs... Notice that nothing has been done after 3 yrs and the freaking regime of mullahs still objects to handling of hurricane Katrina in the USA and how president Bush dealt with it, while Iran is breaking apart on the mullahs watch. One thing we Iranians have to learn is to mind our business before minding others'.


Aryamehr said...

Thank you for remembering them. It was such a tragic day...

frieda said...

very few iranina sites have remembered the anniversay..good for you

Rosemary said...

What about all the money we sent to help these poor people? Did the mullahs take it ALL? How dare them!

I'm so sorry this happened to your country. Unlike others, I will not blame on it anything other than nature (and poor local management). I pray for these people to be able to pull their lives together and move forward. God bless them all.

Arian said...

Well Rosemary, don't be so sure to "not blame it on anything other than nature". Pre-Islamic Iranian historic sites like Bam and Persepolis (Takht-e-Jamshid) in Shiraz have always posed a symbolic and real threat to the stature and validity of the Islamic Republic and it's influence on the public. Many are convinced this quake was a clever dillusionary tactic designed and caused by the Islamic Republic to draw attention away real national issues and/or a result of underground nuclear testing, in either case, a planned incident. I am not validfying these claims at this time but am just saying, keep your eyes open.

Also, currently, there is a plan in effect to construct a dam that will flood all of Persepolis and destroy the most significant architectural and cultural artificats of Persian history.

Chester said...

Arian - To the best of my knowledge from what I've read (according to Americans and Europeans involved), the dam you mentioned is not going to "flood all of Persepolis". There is concern that the increased humidity will affect the ruins, though.
There will be yet unearthed artifacts in the area submerged, however. There have been teams of archeologists trying to unearth as much as they can before the area is flooded.

The regime obviously doesn't care about the artifacts or ruins and would be happy to have Persian history disappear.