Monday, December 4, 2006

Energy Hungry

    In World War II, an energy-independent United States bombed the oil fields of the Third Reich to stop Hitler's killing. Today a wartime but energy-hungry America is daily enriching our worst enemies.
Victor Davis Hanson


Azadeh said...

You know what..Bush sucks, he completely disappointed me. The way his administration acts is beyond naivety!
All this stupid invitation of leader of "The Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq" (Read Iranian Islamic regime puppet) is so rediculuuse..omg.. i can't belive that!

arian said...

This was an interesting article. It was touching up on some good points then started connecting everything to oil, whereas things are really much more complicated than that. He correctly described political affiliations based on economic gains, economic situations in the Middle east, and neglect of human rights abuses in world. However, he failed to include the political and cultural movitations for these actions. Islamic fundamentalism and government oppression of his citizens is part of a much greater scope than just oil, oil is merely an aspect.

Regardless of how close they come, Western media never hits the nail right on head. And this is by no means an accident either. In fact, it's only getting worse.