Thursday, December 7, 2006

The Problem

Iran is not part of the problem as ISG wants us to believe. It's the problem!


Rancher said...

Man, everywhere I post you seem to be right there. Keep up the good fight my friend; I will definitely add you to my links of great blogs.

na said...

What?iran should be "the(part of)problem?"??? realy?..oh my god,i am surprised..better said, i am do they know this?

sorry,today I had desire to be sarcastically.

Chester said...

Yes. For some reason these idiots in Washington haven't figured out that getting rid of the regime is the solution to the problem.

serendip said...

Exactly, my friend. I have a post regarding the same thing on my blog.

Rosemary said...

I know this as well. The thing that tears me up inside is how do we do this? Any suggestions?

Does America enough will to at least stand up to Iran on human rights violations alone? Then how about nuclear weapons? (It is NOT us that are saying it will be only 2 months until they celebrate their success!)