Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Students Protesting

More than 2000 students of Tehran University gathered on Wednesday to commemorate the students day and protest against the regime. Students Day has always been a strong excuse for students to get together and show their anger. Police and Islamic vigilantes kept a very close eye on the students Gooya News reports, and for hours they prevented other students to join the students gathering inside the Tehran Uni. campus.

The banners read: "Death to Dictatorship", "Students For Workers", "We have nothing to lose to defend freedom", "Students & Workers, Unity Unity", "Free political prisoners now", "Boycotte the sham elections".

Pictures of the protests from Gooya News, More Images

Photos by
ISNA and Fars News

Fox News covers this demonstration.

I'll keep you posted as these nation-wide protests develop...

Update 1: More images fromt today gathering & More photos of protest

Update 2: News Story on Protests

Update 3: More Protest by the students


Aryamehr said...

Chester said...

Thanks for this report!

As usual, the MSM is all over this story.

N O T !!!

Eursoc Two said...

Did you read this?,,1964854,00.html


Eursoc Two said...

Did you read this?,,1964854,00.html


Anonymous said...

They have courage, hopefully they keep it up and save Iran.

Shiro_Khorshid said...

It is wonderful to see this, everytime I start to get discouraged the students rise up, as to remind us that they will not be silenced.

I have great love and admiration for all of them and I strongly believe that they will bring about change, not by force, but by being relentless and not taking no for an answer.

na said...

alway these "student" what about the rest of 60 mio?