Friday, January 19, 2007

Can it get worse?

هنوز تحریمهای سازمان ملل شروع نشده و اخباربدی هم از ایران بگوش میرسه و چه چیزی بدتر از کمبود مواد غذایی در کشوری که میخواد به جنگ دنیا هم بره
امروز با یکی از دوستان دریکی از شهرستانهای شمالی ایران صحبت میکردم و میگفت که تورم و گرانی بیداد میکنه. و قیمت اجناس چندین برابر شده. از همه خنده دارتراینکه مثلآ تخم مرغ نایاب شده یا گوجه فرنگی شده کیلویی پنج هزار تومن. وحالا شنیده میشه که قرارهست بنزین هم بزودی سهمیه بندی بشه
نمیدونم چه راه دیگه ای مونده برای نجات مملکت و مردم غیر از سرنگونی رژیم دزد وجنایتکار ایران. شما چی فکر میکنید؟

This post, in Persian, is basically about a chat I had with a friend of mine who lives in a northern Iranian town. He was telling me really awful stuff about how bad inflation is. One really funny but truly upsetting thing he told me was that eggs are getting expensive and also being hard to find in the market since poultries can't afford feeding their hens and chickens. And he also told me that 2 lbs of tomato cost around 6.5 US Dollars (5000 tomans). To give you a better picture of the conditions on the ground, I should say that a high ranking government clerk may receive a salary of up to 350 USD a month. It means nothing, especially if the individual is responsible for his/her family and has to pay rent and debts and also feeds his dependents.

Iran, a rich country in natural resources, that can't even feed its own people yet it wants to take on the world and wipe that state or this nation off the map. I wonder how long it will take to get a free Iran back on track of normalcy. 10 years? 20? 50?....!?


na said...

I appeal since 27 years for regime is the ONLY way.

Bardia said...

با درود
البته تحریم موجود افزایش بهای بسیاری داشته است ولی فقط ناچیزترین آن افزایش بهای مواد غذایی است که در مورد گوجه فرنگی با دوست عزیزمان موافق نیستم که کیلویی پنج هزار تومان شده است ولی اقلام وارداتی اینگونه است برای مثال موز بسیار کمیاب شده است یا بهتر است بگویم همچون اوایل انقلاب نایاب شده است. اثر زیان بخش این تحریم به مرور زمان آشکار خواهد شد و آن زمانی است که مردم با پوست و استخوان خود آنرا درک کنند. جیره بندی بنزین از چند ماه قبل از تحریم شروع شده است ولی اثرات جدیدتر آن بر روی افزایش بهای خدمات مصرفی همچون آب و برق و تلفن و گاز دیده میشود

Jungle Mom said...

Something else Iran and Venezuela have in common! I just posted a few days ago about shortages here and the lack of chickens due to price controls.

serendip said...

Winston jan: This is particulary sickening because Iran is a vastly rich country (fourth exporters of oil). Check out the website below.
Fourty percent of Iranian live below poverty level while Jordan, Lebanon, Uzbakistan, Parguay, Malasia, Laos, Pakistan have less of their population living below l poverty levels than Iran.

And Iran hands out $12,000 to each Lebanese while Iranians go hungry to bed....grrrrrrr

Moshe said...

AhmidJihad, is obssesed with Israel, Jews and the Holocaust.. he seems to pay little or no attention to Iranians.

Louise said...

"And Iran hands out $12,000 to each Lebanese while Iranians go hungry to bed....grrrrrrr "

Hmmmm. Sounds like Saddam Hussein and the Palestinians.

Papa Ray said...

"AhmidJihad, is obssesed with Israel, Jews and the Holocaust.."

He does very little that he is not directed to.

He could be dead tomorrow and his replacement would follow his masters just as AhmidJihad does.

You want to know where all the money from the oil has went, besides into buying and making weapons of war?

Look in the bank accounts of your religious leaders and their henchmen.

There you will find it.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Sherry said...

I heard on CNN that people in Iran are fed up with him including his own party members.