Friday, January 26, 2007


When one pays close attention to the Iranian regime news outlets, it is clear that regime is really panicked as US military is authorized to kill or capture Iranian regime's operatives inside Iraq.

And check this one by a regime clown who is angry at what US is doing in Iraq against Iranian influence. The US government should have been tougher on Iran 3 years ago, however it is not late yet.


saeid (سعید) said...

I am Agree with your Opinion about the role of Islamic regime in Iraq.
I myself know someone that travel to Iraq and work there for the Regime.

Anonymous said...

Hello Winston, from Iowa, U.S.A. A politically conservative female acquaintance sent me an electronic mail message this afternoon. She attached a link to your blog and asked if I'd heard of you.
I am very glad that I now have heard of you! My best wishes and prayers to God for you, there in Iran. Blessing of Jesus Christ to you.
Last year I spent 11 months in U.S. Army uniform in a country very close to you, bordering on west of Iran. From what I learned there, I can tell that you write with knowledge of what's going on. We in the Army all knew that we really are fighting Iran--Revolutionary Guards and their cats' paw local militias.

Michael said...

I wonder if the Iranians are panicking about the US naval buildup in the Persian Gulf, too?