Monday, January 15, 2007


Rumors of a US naval strike against Iranian navy vessels are spreading around the country via SMS and blogs while Islamic regime's Fars news agency is denying the rumors in an interview with the deputy minister of interior in Hormozgan province which is by the Persian gulf.

I am not sure if these stories are being made up by the regime itself to scare people and keep them ready for any probable military strike against nuclear facilities. It can be possible because regime is afraid of people's uprising in case of a strike too and by provoking their national sentiments months or weeks before the attacks the regime can be sure of having the backing of its people. However it is highly unlikely that people back these blood-thirsty monsters in any case.


Aiden-PTBO-Marijuana said...

The rumors would make sense given the Americans are hooking the Gulf up with another carrier.

Why are you so sure the Iranians wont back the 'blood thirsty monsters' (at least they havent invaded anyone)? I mean I realize that most Iranians are pro-American but that may not mean all that much. Like Iraqi Shi'ites fought and died for Saddam all thru the Iran-Iraq War where they were fighting their fellow Shi'ites. And maybe I'm off base but aren't most of the Irani reformers against any sort of American action i.e. Shirin Ebadi.

I mean I'm no fan of Harper be if the Yankees were theartening invasion over the uranium enrichment program in Port Hope I would fight the Yanks first and get to Harper later.

Jungle Mom said...

Becauese they live under OPPRESSION!
Freedom is not available. Many would love to be "invaded". In this case you back the "liberators" to get rid of the evil, vile mullahs, THEN deal with internal issues.

Louise said...

Well, Mr. Pothead, by comparing Stephen Harper to the nutcases in Iran, I think you have blown your own argument to smitherines.

Jungle mom has the situation pegged correctly.

Anon said...

aiden -

Reformers = regimeLite.
Therefore, they are NOT the answer for the Iranains.
The majority of people want to get rid of the regime altogether, not replace it with a gov't that will stop stoning women, but still hang them in cases of rape and infidelity.

Doobie, doobie dooooo said...

Aiden-PTBO-Marijuana . . so how big was that spliff you had for breakfast today ?

Rosemary said...

Dear Winston,
The reason why the extra ship is headed to the gulf has 2 components. The first one is Somalia, the second one is to stop the trade of nuclear capabilities to Iran. That's all it is. President Bush has said so. I hope this helps.