Monday, January 22, 2007

Sounds familiar

Iranian regime blocks IAEA inspectors and in the mean time IRGC is going to conduct silly war games.

You know, it sounds a lot like what Saddam was doing in the 1990s. And you certainly remember that his regime was bombed many times for disobeying the UN backed resolutions. Therefore, I'd not be surprised to hear, one day so soon, that Iranian regime is being bombed too. It will be sad but the free world's patience may run out pretty soon.


learner said...

Winston:Will it be the free world or other Islamic nations mainly Saudi Arabia backed by Egypt that will lose patience on the West and strike first?

na said...

don´t worry friends,we will soon win.
reanimation of iran is our job and we will do it soon.
Fight for a freeland and for a land, free of superstition and Influence of the enemies.
and you all know what and who our enemies are! see also Previous Post on this blogg:"take their words"

Tater said...

The ground work for an American strike is being laid as we type. In earlier post, you noted the additional carrier task force in the region, what you didn’t note was the more important part, the deployment of Patriot missiles to Iraq. Will take a few weeks to establish those, but when they are ready, the option of a “Linebacker II” from Vietnam, becomes a reality. Patriot missiles only do two things, shoot down warplanes, and shoot down SCUD-type missiles. Iraq has neither.

Not saying we’re definitely going to strike, but we’re certainly have established the option.


fubar said...

Tehran, 25 Jan. (AKI) - One of Iran's top nuclear scientists, Ardeshir Hassanpour, a professor at the university of Shiraz, has died under mysterious circumstances. Hassanpour's death was announced by Iranian state television, a week late, on Thursday. No reason was given for his death. The scientist was proclaimed the best scientist in the military field in the Islamic Republic in 2003. Hassanpour directed the centre for nuclear electromagnetic studies he had founded in 2005.

He had also co-founded the center for atomic research in Isfahan, the most important in the country, Iranian state television reported.

Last year, Ardeshir Hassanpour was awarded Iran's most prestigious scientific award, the Kharazmi prize.