Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Busy with projects

I have been busy with some school assignments and then I am working on a very important and interesting project on Iran. But in the mean time, I am hearing about nation wide protests in Zanjan, Kurdistan, Baluchistan provinces by various ethnic groups which, I think, have gone unnoticed by fellow bloggers. Plus 8th of March is gonna be an important occasion for Iranian women since there are stories about nation wide sit-ins and protests by different women's rights group. Reports indicate that many people were detained for participating in ethnic related protests.

Persian language web sites report that teachers will go on strike as of March 4th if their demands are not met. It's said that near 3000 teachers from different parts of the city of Tehran participated in a protest right in front of regime's Islamic Assembly. They want to have their salaries raised to a decent level and have also demanded the gov't to put an end to job related discriminations.

Hopefully, I'll be able to cover them as days go by and my workload is getting lighter.

Plz stay tuned...


Ahmadreza Farokhzad said...

I realy enjoyed from your articles.
I will link your weblog
in my blog.

Together stand up against the dictatorial regime of Iran.

Anonymous said...

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