Saturday, February 24, 2007

Ethnic Unrest

BBC News reports that IRGC forces clashed with ethnic rebels in north west of Iran, near the Turkish border, and one of the revolutionary guards helicopters crashed and two special forces commander died in this suspicious crash. From what I understand, there is a chance this chopper was shot down by ground fire. Plus regime calls these rebels, anti-revolutionary elements backed by foreign powers.

This is getting more interesting than I expected. Regime is getting what they are giving to the Iraqis and Americans.


Louise said...

Yes. There seems to be uprisings and revolts all over the place. Perhaps it won't be long.

Varjavand said...

ِDear Winston,
There is a word in Persian which says:
Anything happen to us comes from us (az mast ke bar mast).
Perhaps our greatest mistake in 1979, going to be corrected in near future.... and I hope so.

Tina said...

Hmmmm, funny how that happens. Is there anything called Karma in Iran?

Sherry said...

Winston, you need to go to Serendip's blog. ROFL I can't stop laughing about those questions. LOL

It's good to finally see some unrest there. How much longer will it take for the rest to wake up?

Bardia said...

آری هر کسی که خربزه می خوره پای لرزشم باید بشینه. همانگونه که پیشتر نیز گفتم مردم مرز نشین بویژه کردها، آرام نمی شینند و این گونه حرکات همیشه بوده ولی اینکه این مورد بدست خودی ها بوده بیشتر مورد توجه است