Thursday, February 8, 2007

Just a reminder

Khamenei: Iran Will Strike U.S. Interests All Over The World, BBC News reports via AP. (Also from Fox News)

This is just a reminder to those who think the US is looking for excuses to attack Iran. Mullahs give excuse to others to attack Iran, themselves. Americans, Israelis and the rest of the free world do not need to create any phony excuses to squeeze the regime. The real problem is there right in front of us, Iranian regime that is.


na said...

28 years ago, chomeini has said:
ISLAM IS IN DANGER.(eslaam dar khátaraaa)

today i would say:HE WAS RIGHT DAMNED
thank God

ddd said...

با درود دوست عزیز
موفق و همیشه پاینده باشی
آماده همکاری و تبادل لینک هستم
در صورت تمایل ای دی من را ادد کنید جهت ارتباط نزدیک تر
لاله سرخ کوی دانشگاه 18 تیر عزت ابراهیم نژاد

Sherry said...

Iran striking US interests huh? Well, what about the 200 or so soldiers killed in Beirut back in the 80's? What about the 1996 attack in Riaydh on the Khobar Towers? Yes, Hezbollah was involved both times.

کیانوش said...

درود ویـنی عـزیز
نـمی دونـم چـرا آدرس وبلاگـت از توی وبلاگ مـن پاک شــده !!!! در اولین فـرصت دوباره درسـتش می کـنم

این هـم آدرس تـرجمه اون مـطلبـی که می خـواستـی