Friday, February 9, 2007


How can you expect people not to be angry with the Mullahocratic regime of Iran? Whatever they do can make people really outrageous because they are evil. Simply evil...

You may ask me what happened again? Well, it is the regime again. It's the things they do that makes me sick of them.

As you know, some hundreds of important archaelogical sites are going to be submerged any time soon by the damn Sivand dam that the regime is building in south of Iran. A few good people staged a demonstration in front of one of the regime's ministry building couple of days ago and they are planning to do it again. A responsible gov't would never damage the ancient sites of the nation and will do its best to preserve them but the only thing these occupying mullahs are not concerned about is the pre-Arabo/Islamic history of Iran. And the only thing they care about is the freaking arabic/Islamic stuff. Regime officials WRITE to UN to voice their concern about this Arab-Israeli problem at the Jerusalem Holy Site.

It's preposterous and I am angry at them again... This is one of those moments one may hope the mullahs would get bombed for Valentines' Day, as special gift though.

I just talked about this on 2nd hour of Hugh Hewitt's radio show. ((MY BLOOD IS BOILING))

My Blood Is Boiling on Persian Journal
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اخه واقعآ چطور میخواید که ادم از دست این رژیم کثیف و جنایتکار عصبانی نباشه؟ این اخوندهای عرب تبار دارن سد سیوند رو میسازن و این سد لعنتی قراره تنگه بلاغی رو که پر از اثار باستانی مربوط به قبل حمله اعراب میشه رو به زیر اب ببره و نابود کنه، بعد در اخبار میشنوی و میخونی که رژیم اسلامی به یونسکو نامه نگاری میکنه تا جلوی تخریب ،یا هر چی اسمشو میخواهید بگذارید، این محل اسلامی-عربی رو بگیره. و واقعآ این از اون لحظه هاست که باعث میشه ارزو کنی که یه چند تا بمب درست و حسابی بزنن به این جونورا بلکه برای همیشه از شر این جنایتکار ها خلاص بشیم


c.h. said...

I like that Valentine's gift to the regime!

Louise said...

I hope I can listen to your comments on the Hugh Hewitt show. You're becoming well know, Winston. Keep up the good work.

The ancient monuments in Iran will not be the first to be destroyed in the name of progress. The Aswan High Dam in Egypt flooded some very ancient treasures and dams in China have done the same thing. It really sad when these ancient artefacts are so little valued.

Tina said...

To them, history started the day they threw out the king. They have no respect for the past, they have no respect for the future (if they did you would never hear about a suicide bomber, the mullahs would have outlawed it).

They killed off half the future of Iran when they gave out those stupid plastic keys and sent those innocent children off to be bomb detectors.

AIS said...

Exactly my thoughts. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

don`t worry too much man. your beloved neo-cons will soon be nuking Iran into ashes, then an all out war breaks out. entire Iran will become a historical sight. they have plans for us, make no mistake!

Louise said...

Okay. I heard you. Way too short.

na said...

dont worry freind! our time will coming soon.

Bardia said...

Dear friends,
These stupid people can destroy only the building but not whatever in Iranian's mind that contain our culture. the Father Cyrus is in our hearts and we all are proud of him.