Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sen. Coburn takes on VOA

US Republican Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma criticizes the persian service of the Voice of America and Radio Farda:
    "Neither station is a primary source of news for Iranians," the [Iran] Steering Group report found.
That'll be good if they can kick every VOA and Radio Farda pro-regime/reform staff out and hire new, young and anti-regime elements to help support an uprising against the mullahs of Iran.



Anonymous said...

you`d be utterly stupid and naive to think people would start up a revolution by listenings up to some radio station retheric!

Anonymous said...

if VOA is one of our most efective vehicles to regime-change and uprising against the mullas, i`d say we better give up on that dream and get a life because it aint gonna happen. if we expect a radio station to cause a revolution, then perhaps the next democratic government of Iran(if and when it was to happen), would also be over thrown by another Islamic radio station!

C.H. said...

There always anonymous idiots