Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Aid the workers

I am hearing that Iranians living in Sweden are collecting money for those workers who have not been paid by the Iranian gov't and are currently on strike across the country.

So I was wondering if this could spread to all Iranian expat communities worldwide. Iranians in Canada, America, Western Europe, Australia and Japan are instrumental in helping these people who are struggling to stay alive. Moreover, if we can maintain a good flow of cash to Iran through any possible way, then we might also be able to initiate strikes and ask the rest of the country to go on strike too. I know it is a huge task and a bit hard to do, but it is not impossible. That's where the support of western governments, especially the United States, is going to play a major role. Their financial backing would be a major step towards the removing of mullahs.


Louise said...

Winston, do keep us up to date on this. I would be very willing to donate some cash to such a venture, but I want to know that I can trust the group I'm giving it to.

CanuckBUSH said...

Erza Klein claims that Iran is not "that a repressive society" and that the mullahcracy is not a tyrannical regime. He further adds that anyone who claims otherwise is a war propagandist. I think you should let him know what you think:

serendip said...

Winston, that's a splendid idea. thanks.

Julie Z. said...

Thanks for bringing this up. But your link is to gooya news, which appears (at least the English version, I can't read Farsi) not to have had an update of any kind since May '06.

I agree, we should be financing in any way possible the dissident Iranians in whatever walks of life who would be in a position to effect regime change from within.

The student revolutionaries and striking workers would probably be the most effective.