Monday, March 12, 2007

Chaharshanbe Soori

Chaharshanbe Soori is just around the corner and it is going to be a big crying day against the Mullahs of Iran. And when you go through Iranian gov't media outlets it is easy to see that not they are extremely nervous, the mullahs would rather see old persian stuff die too. Therefore they have done a big propaganda campaign against ancient persian celebrations but their efforts are all in vein. For years ordinary people expressed their anti-islamic regime feelings through such pure Iranian celebrations and that's why Mullahs dont like it.

Fars news reports that all security forces and fire fighters are on stand-by and regime has tried hard to denounce this very un-islamic event but they have not been successful at all. People will go ahead and do whatever they think is right, no matter what the regime asks of them. 1, 2 & Iranians preparing for Festival of Fire

Tuesday March 13th (Tomorrow) is gonna be hell of a day for the mad mullahs of Iran, I'm sure of it.

Go get'em guys...


Sherry said...

I am a member of Youtube.

Amir said...

Dear Winston,

Where is it going to be this year in Toronto?

Is it going to be in Leslie park again?


Winston said...

North York's Mel Lastman Square

Sherry said...

You need to send me an invite or something. It won't let me watch it otherwise.