Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Soldiers Fight

One wonders why British soldiers didn't fight back and kill the bastard IRGC thugs if they were well outside of the Iranian territorial waters.

Next time they will shoot back if this happens and I am pretty sure had this happened to American marines, they would have fought back hard and killed the regime thugs. However that seems Europeans always want to learn their lessons the hard way and I am, sad to say, glad that Europeans are getting this treatment which they deserve, for supporting the mullahs for 28 long years. That will be a turning point for Europeans to see that mullahs of Iran have used them to prolong their life and misery of the Iranian people.

By the way, soldiers fight, they don't surrender!


Sina said...

these idiots in Tehran think forced confession works in 21st century. I just saw the footage of British service men and woman on BBC. they have forced the poor girls to wear a black head scarf says sorry for entering Iranian waters while sattelite photo's show they never have. At the same time some Iranians are worried about the image of Iran in a movie. Their only fault is that these brave soldiers want to secure Iraq,something Mullahs don't want to see.

winston said...

I agree whole-heartedly and it is outrageous

Papa Ray said...

Yes, the military fights. But, they follow orders first and formost.

The Commander in charge of the operations in that area, "decided" before starting an international incident, that he would check back to his bosses and they checked with the civilian bosses and they said...don't do anything.

The wonders of modern communicatins and a commander who would not shoulder the responsibility of the moment has produced this incident.

The Sailors and Marines had only handguns but they would have done their best against overwhelming odds and died to the last man (woman) if their commander had told them to resist.

Either way, they would follow orders.

But the civilian world doesn't and will never understand the need for discipline that the militarys in the world teach.

How do you get a man to stand up and attack in the face of overwhelming odds where he knows without a doubt he will die.

Discipline, love of country, love of the men (and women) to his/her left and to his/her right.

Not because your brave, men at war are scared, but that makes it all the more unbelievable and admirable that they do their job and do it well.

Papa Ray
West Texas