Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Watching the circus Iranian regime has put all of us through doesn't make me laugh, it makes me angry. That's really frustrating that the mullahs run this circus and the so-called free world enjoys being a minor player in this circus and being manipulated by the fascist regime of Iran.

این دنیا شده سیرک و محل نمایش برای دولت دغل و جنایتکار اسلامی و به نظر میرسه که دنیای باصطلاح ازاد هم بدش نمیاد در این سیرک بازی بخوره و حالی ببره


CanuckBUSH said...

Some "gift". Iran kidnaps British sailors, humiliates them for twelve days and then releases them. This was an extremely useful exercise for the mullahs even if they weren't able to extract any concessions from the Britain or the U.S. It provided an important window into the profound weakness and pacifism of the West while allowing Ahmadinejad to come off looking like a good guy. I have a sickening feeling though, that, in addition to this, the mullahs ended up getting a good deal more.

C.H. said...

Ahhh the benevolent Ahmadinejad and Iranian regime. They're so wonderful, aren't they?
And how many young women who fought back against rape have been sentenced to death or hung lately?

serendip said...

canuckbush: You're right about the mullahs getting more...I bet in a few days will hear about the release of 'Irbil-5 detainees' in Iraq. This is pure lunacy, surredering to terrorists' demands.

This type of concessions will only embolden the jihadist government of Ahmadinejad...sick

Mike said...

What some people have been missing is how Iran has manipulated the price of oil during this affair. Iran desperately needs to keep oil above the 60$ mark to be profitable enough to wage war.
2 signs came out that will keep oil up.1)forecast of at least 14 major hurricanes this hurricane season.2)US record demands of gasoline and decreased inventory levels that will keep oil above 60$ this whole spring and into the summer.
Iran also can now trust the EU to stand behind them in the ongoing Nuclear race since the EU gets 44% of its energy needs from Iran and will do nothing to impede that flow as it has proven in this hostage affair.

Rancher said...


"...the mullahs ended up getting a good deal more."

God I hope not, at least from us. At least they didn't get their Irbil 5.

ali said...

I understand that you are mad. Iran taught a good lesson to the arrogant western powers and the Iranian sellouts who suck up to them.

Frieda said...

Today WSJ’s editorial summed it up much better:

While the release of the Brits is cause for celebration, we hope the world won’t forget those who aren’t getting out – the myriad political prisoners, often democrats, in Iran’s dungeons. These are the truly courageous people the West has paid too little attentions to as it focuses on diplomacy and business with Iran. Given his regime’s persecution of Iran’s tiny Christian(coverts) community, Mr. Ahmadinejad’s invocation of Easter as a reason for freeing the sailors is particularly offensive.

Read the rest online..