Sunday, April 1, 2007


I have always disliked the concept of European Union and the fact that it is an identity-less group of nation-states which may not even share any common background with each other at all and I also disliked Europeans for terrible things they have done towards the Iranian people i.e supporting Khomeini and his followers through 1960s and 70s, their support for Iraq during Iraq-Iran war and their firm support for the mullahs. They are not just bunch of appeasers, they are simply evil when it comes to despots and people who have to endure in countries like Iran.

I mean EU is comprised of pathetic nation-states that don't even care about their own neighbors.

Check it here: EU refuses to back Britian on Iran export threat

15 British military personnel are held hostage in Iran and the rest of the useless EU doesn't give a $hit to the plight of the UK government and their demand to halt trade with Iran for a short time. European Union is, effectively, one of the many major obstacles Iranian people face in order to change the mullahs' regime. And EU is to blame if the mullahs have been able to live this long.

As much as I feel bad for the British hostages, I can't care less about what is going to happen to Europe. I think they are getting what they have deserved for far too long. I am glad Mullahs treat them the way they deserve. They are a match made in heaven.


Elliott said...

100% agree with what you say about the EU, but this is in origin a British affair. We should be taking care of our own. And we’re not. In fact, some of our commentators (including ex-Monty Python funnyman Terry Jones) have been at the forefront of the criticism of the British position.

Trade sanctions, which our EU membership denies our being able to impose unilaterally, might well have proved useful. But there's plenty more we could be doing - and we're just ... not.

programmer craig said...

I agree with you. The Europeans drive me crazy. Including the British. All they do is snipe at everyone else, including each other. If they don't have anything useful to contribute to solving the world's problems, I really wish they'd just mind their own business. It's not like Europeans have such a good track record of solving problems peacefully, anyway, eh?

Anyway, about the hostages... I've been saying since I was 14 that I'd like to see governments behave as if their hostages are already dead, and proceed accordingly. Any sort of negotiation just validates the tactic and ensures that it will be used again. And again. And again.

I also really wish those British sailors and marines had refused to be taken alive. They had the right to defend themselves, and they should have. I would have. I spent 6 years on active duty in the US Marines ad I resolved while I was still in boot camp never to be taken alive by Muslims or east asians. You just don't surrender to some cultures. Death is a better option. In any case, those British troops had a duty to defend themselves. If their commanding officer ordered them not to, that was an unlawful order that could have been refused. Orders to surrender have been refused before.

Tina said...

Their not backing Britain is disgraceful, but then, they have been embarrassingly disgraceful for a very long time.

I don't know how anyone with pride can call themselves "european".

Azadeh said...

I 100% agree with you. It's not hard for me to imagine one day EU will run over by Islamic fundamentalists and when that day comes they will be a catastrophic genocides and barbaric war even much wors that WWII. Just wait the day Islamists get their dirty hands on a nuke!

Amir said...

You dislike "Europeans for terrible things they have done towards the Iranian people" and yet you neg about them not backing Britain on Iran export threat?

Hello!!! A trade freeze is going to harm Iranian people way much more than the mullahs.

You better focus on helping Iranian people rather than harming the mullahs.

تا زمانی که ما دوستانی مثل شما داشته باشیم، احتیاج به دشمن نداریم. (ببخشید که اینقدر تند نوشتم، ولی به این فکر کن که اگر واردات ایران از اروپا قطع بشه، خیلی از بیمارستانهای ایران بدون تجهیزات و مواد ساده ی بیمارستانی میمونند. دقیقا همون اتفاقی که برای عراق افتاد و چندین هزار بچه کشته شدن).

richie said...


If you don't want your people to suffer, then tell them to rise up and get rid of the mullahs. Mullahs are still making your people suffer. stop crying like a regime apologist and act you twit...

Amir said...

Dear richie,

You are probably unaware of the basic principles of democracy:

"Democracy is a system of government in which a country’s political leaders are chosen by the people in regular, free, and fair elections"

I can't force people to get rid of mullahs.

If Iranians "don't want ... to suffer", they'll do something about it (and it is entirely their own business). You and I can't force them.

"Mullahs are still making your people suffer". True. But these mullahs are way much less painful and more bearable than nuclear/chemical/cluster/conventional bombs that fell on the Iraqi people.

My people (as you put it! as if I own them) will be doing just fine so long as there is no foreign military boot on their land. Should that happen, they'll probably unite against the boots; as they have done it in the past.

I think that the preponderance of the evidence suggests that the American interpretation of "democracy in the middle east" is nothing but "people should elect and elect and elect until there is a puppet government in power".

richie said...

amir, you sound alot like IRIB in a way.

First, there is no democracy in Iran. Second, I doubt your people would fight against invaders along with the mullahs. They'd probably welcome the liberators. Get it? Plus your people will be just fine if the current occupiers you tend to support here and there on your blog stop their occupation and leave Iranians to themselves.

There are no puppet governments in the middle-east.

Winston said...

I dislike the Europeans for their inaction against the theocrtaic regime of Iran. Moreover, I am an individual and doing my best to hurt the mullahs. Harming the mullahs is the best help Iranian people can get.

Again you are throwing up the BS of the leftists/jihadists about bombs and chemical weapons and cluster bombs in Iraq and you can't even prove it. You just repeat them like a little twit, dude. Have you not learned your lessons?

Ah, I didn't know mullahs are bearable. So is that what you think?

I guess I go with richie that you sound a lot like IRIB.

Anonymous said...

Amir: Hitler was elected democratically too. Millions of Germans supported and believed in the Nazi ideology...the type of Islam the mullahs are trying to export throughout the region via proxy wars and funding, training fundamental religious militias across the globe, is a threat to the world and other religions. If you don't want to be bombed, you need to ask your leaders to stope their Ummah-establishing project, which by the way, is one of the most racist ideologies, which seems to be intrinsic in Islamic ideology.

Amir said...

Dear richie,

You can challenge me on what I say, provide me with your logic, reasons, and proofs. I'll do the same. This will be a civilized way of discussing an issue. Labeling, on the other hand, is very childish and undermines the logic of your argument.

"There are no puppet governments in the middle-east":
You are right. Let me rephrase: "puppet kingdomships"!!

About "there is no democracy in Iran": you are right. We don't have a perfect democracy. (for fun: neither does the US). Although once it was killed infant, our current not-yet-called-democracy is in its childhoods. We do have elected president, parliament members, city council, half of "council of experts", etc.. We have representatives of Torks, Kurds, Guilaks, Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians (and more) in our parliament. It is by far better than kingdomships in the region, isn't it? Whether you want it to be killed in its childhood, or let it grow up and become a perfect democracy is up to you. I think democracy is not something to import, it has to grow up from within.

About "They'd probably welcome the liberators" (sorry, but your use of the word "liberator" makes me laugh):
* This is what Cheney suggested before attacking Iraq. But it didn't happen. Did it?
* When was the last time you visited Iran? Do you have many friends there? Have you talked to them? (I do! I have many friends back home in Tehran, Shomal, and Isfahan. I talk to them frequently, thanks to "orkut". Most of them don't think the same way you think.). You might be right, but the preponderance of the evidence suggests that you are not.

And by the way, I call myself a critic of Iranian government. But I never write my criticisms in English; simply because most of the stupid Iranian officials can't communicate in English. Instead, I criticize them in my Farsi blog.

Amir said...

"Harming the mullahs is the best help Iranian people can get".

How will you sleep at night if your share of "harming the mullahs" leads to killing of at least half a million Iranians. (Do you have any relatives back in Iran?).

Please rethink the issue. These mullahs are far better than Chemical weapons (WARNING: graphic: link 1, link 2), depleted uranium bombs (warning again: link) or regular nuclear weapons (something that has not yet been used against Iran, has not been ruled out by president Bush, and is needed to bomb Iran's underground facilities).

Yes, I definitely think my family can live a better life with mullahs than the life with bombs, multiple cancers, or insecurity.

Please rethink this issue.

Richie said...

great. you are showing your true IRI colours. I am glad you did.

Calling IRI a democracy and US a not democracy is what IRI agents do.

Winston said...

Hey, dude...all my family live back in Iran and all people I know including my immediate family members would like to get rid of the mullahs that you people support here in Canada and America by any possible means. Get over it!

Amir said...

Dear Winston and richie,

What I am trying to do is to avert a war on my family, my friends, and all my countrymen (including your family, Winston). Whether you want to paint my efforts and label me as a supporter of the mullahs, is up to you. I don't agree with that. But, as I have said several time,:
دشمن دانا که غم جان بود،
بهتر از آن دوست که نادان بود

Winston said...

By calling IRI a democracy and trying to save them this way you sure do sound like the mullahs and I am 100% certain that you do support them as much as you can. Perhaps your family lives a better life under the mullahs because they are getting some rewards? How did you manage to come to Canada? on a government bursary? Moreover we don't need your protection. We just want to get rid of the mullahs before it is too late. By the way, you're completely right: I am an ENEMY of the clerics.

من دشمن اخوند جماعت و حامیانش در خارج و داخل ایران هستم. تو هم یکیشون

Anonymous said...

Rosemary said...

Dear Amir,

Pure Democracy=Mob (Mullah) Rule.

You are correct in saying that we in the USA do not have a direct democracy. It is written in our Constitution to NEVER have one. Why? Because that would allow the majority thought to silence the minority thought, or way of life, or religion, or whatever.

People would vote money for themselves, while not understanding the consequences it would have on someone else (including their own stupid selves).

Here is an example: Take 5 Farmers.
1 sells vegetables. 1 sells beef. 1 sells wheat. 1 sells cotton. 1 sells flowers.

The farmers want to expand their land so their cattle can feed, they can make more cotton for clothing, and they talk the wheat farmer into going along with the first two. They take a vote, and the vegetable and flower farmers lose their property! DO YOU THINK THAT IS FAIR?

If yes, you do not care about human rights. If no, you do not believe in direct democracy. I am not directing you in which way to think. I just gave you a small example, but the rest of your world would revolve around decision. You decide, but know what you are deciding.

Dear Winston,

Great post! I've not like the EU for a long time. One question I haven't seen asked, though. Where is NATO? I thought the North Atlantic Transatlantic Organization (?) has a deal that if one of us is attack, we all are? I do believe that stealing/kidnapping another country's Soldiers is an act of war. Maybe they just wanted to see how weak the countries are now after 4 years. They have made the worst mistake! (England)

They had 40,000 troops in 2003. They now have 7,000. In one month, 1,600 are leaving. It cannot be for the lack of Britian leaving...

It is like holding a slab of raw meat in your hand while allowing the mad dog sense the fear in your body...

BTW, they were ordered not to fire on the Iranians. What kind of stuff is that???

Anonymous said...

Amir: What kind of parallel universe do you live in? Have you visited South of Tehran or your father and his ilk are too busy plundering Iranian national wealth? Aghazadeh, 40% of Iranians live below poverty level meaning on one dollar a day which is lower than Lebanon and so many other countries who don't have oil. The entire oil infrastructure is collapsing because the mullahs didn't invest in building it. Do you even read the news? Why are you so uninformed?

Khejalat bekesh Aghazadeh. What kind of democracy are you talking about? You have absolutely no other industry to talk about except oil. That in of itself, is enough to make you non-democratic. Iran is Eruope and Russia's client state. You call being a Cash cow for Russia and EU democratic and eteghlal? Esteghlas from what? From prosperty and liberty.

There are no middle-class in Iran (intentionally, BTW)because one of the first pre-requisit for democracy is having a middle-class. At this point you should be asking why? But that's asking too much from bacheh Akhoond?

Your frigging GDP is barely $3000. Your income per capita is barely less than $8000. And all of this while being one of the wealthiest rich oil nations.

Bi savad, bro yad begir GDP and Income Per capita ke az Lebonan va thialand va Peru....ham kamtareh. Har vaght GDP va income per capita resid be andazeyeh America, baAd az in Ghaltahaye democry/pemocracy bekon. I don't expect you comprehend anything I've argued since your very existence depends on the suvival of this regime.

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”

— upton sinclair

And another thing, the US is not waiting for either me or you or the stupid CASMII to tell them what it needs to do to protect and defend it's interest. Get it.