Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fox News

America's Fox News Channel currently has a reporter in Iran and her name is Amy Kellogg.

You can read about Ms. Kellogg here. And I believe it is really important to ask them to start covering the Iranian people's protests against the Iranian regime.

E-mail Amy Kellogg and ask her to cover the Iranian people's demonstrations against the mullahs and let them be heard through their great news channel.

Please be polite, courteous and civil in your correspondence.


KA said...

Good post, I'll support anything that will help facilitate regime change in Iran. Empowering the Iranian opposition should be the Wests primary tactic when facing the mullahs.

SERENDIP said...

That's a great idea, Winston. Just yesterday, Mahmood Salehi, leading labour activistwas arrested at work for the 3rd time. Scores of teachers arrested two days ago and transferred to Evin. She should be reporting these events.

Aryamehr said...


katayoun said...

Do you think they really care?!!
How many letters or email should we send in order to have them pay attention to the plight of Iranian, not the Islamic regime??