Monday, April 2, 2007

IRI Must Go
    If the Mullah’s bullying, intimidation and blackmail are this severe when they do not have nuclear weapons, how will they behave when they do have them? Will their actions become more or less aggressive? The answer is obvious, it will get much much worse. What will they do next? Perhaps try to seize a capital warship? Will we in the West just continue to talk at that point, or will we finally offer resistance?
Exactly my points!!! Imagine a nuclear armed Iran gets angry with another round of Muhammad's cartoons... What will they do? Think Twice!


kafir said...

During the Cold War, the peace was kept through MAD, mutually assured destruction. If and when the mullahs get the bomb, surely they'll realize that shooting one off will get nukes raining down on them from the US, Israel, EU, Russia, China, and India. Then, the US will have a nice, shiny, new parking lot on which to park its tanks and planes between Iraq and Afghanistan.

Alexander said...

It is a sad day when acts by holocaust deniers in persuit of nuclear weapons are dismissed meekly as "wrong" and "unjustified". This is very distressing indeed.

Rosemary said...

Kafir, I do NOT want a parking lot! Besides, they have already stated that they don't mind losing over one million of their people-yuckies, I mean the people they are holding hosting which is the Persian people.

Very moving video. I'm going to borrow it from you if that is okay. Thank you in advance. :)

Pam said...

It is scary watching this mad man grow in his cockiness!