Saturday, April 14, 2007

Oil Money

Saw these photos last night, couldn't sleep very well and they kept me thinking: "Where is the oil money?"
Original photos released by regime's official news agency. Pictures were taken in Lorestan province in central Iran.

از دیشب که این عکسها رو دیدم خوابم نبرده و از خودم مدام میپرسم که پس پول نفت این مملکت باصطلاح ثروتمند کجا میره؟ جوابش رو میدونیم همگی اما بگذارید دوباره روش فکر کنیم ببینیم مدعیان دفاع از اخوندها و مدعیان مذاکره با رژیم چه جوابی دارند


serendip said...

Winston: What a tragedy. It is so heartbreaking. I wonder if any of these reformer Aghazadeh living in their upscale houses in Canada or Europe have ever visited any of these places. And they don't have to go too far either. They can just visit abject poverty in South of Tehran...What a shame.

C.H. said...

Reminds me of an Iraqi woman who was confronted by Leftists who thought the U.S. was only interested in Iraq in order to "steal" money from oil proceeds that should go to the Iraqi people. Her reply was that the Iraqi people had never benefited from Iraq's oil in the past under Saddam and if the U.S. wanted some payment in the form of oil money for getting rid of Saddam, that was fine with her.

Aryamehr said...

This is really heartbreaking. These are the conditions that our Iranian children have to suffer under when those Arabo-Muslims in the Islamic Republic spend hundreds of millions on fellow Islamic terrorists across the world!

Why are Iranians quiet! This suffering has to end! This misery has to end! And they have to rise up to end it!

Papa Ray said...

You know where the oil money went. To Russia and other nations for weapons. For weapons research and development in Iran.

For the supplies, equipment, personel from other countries for the development of nukes and such.

Also, into bank accounts in banks out of Iran for all of the Mullahs and their favorites.

I'm sure that the RG is getting its share also.

Oh, by the way, the output of the fields in Iran's oil fields is down. Poor maintenance and lack of parts for repair is slowly crippling Iran's oil production.

It's going to get a lot worse for Iranians before it gets better.

Thousands of Iranian female mothers are caught between having food for her children or not.

Many are turning to prostitution just to feed their families.

Where are their husbands, why are they not working and providing for their families?

You know the answer to that.

Papa Ray

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this?

Kash Kheirkhah said...

Thanks for letting us know. I'll post them on my blog too. I just can't believe my eyes...

Curly said...

"عرب ها رو سیر نگه دار؛ ایرانی ها رو گرسنه؛ اگه می خوای بی دغدغه بر آنها حکومت کنی"

سوای پولٍ نفتی که تو اون مملکت گل و بلبل روزانه توسط آقازاده ها به جیب زده میشه؛ در کمال تاسف فقر پروری یکی دیگه از راه هایٍ کسب درآمد دولت فعلی به حساب می آد. با اون کاسه هایٍ گداییٍ زرد و آبیٍ خرچنگی شکل که مث علف های هرز تو هر کوچه پس کوچه ای سبز شده! بالاخره اعضایٍ محترمٍ کمیته ی امداد یه جوری باید شیکمٍ زن و بچه شونو سیر کنن دیگه؛ حتا اگه به قیمت محرومیت هزاران انسان محتاج دیگه تموم یشه! در قبالٍ این همه بی عدالتی هیچی نمی شه گفت, جز این که به قول زنده یاد جمال زاده: از ماست, که بر ماست

rooz said...

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Though it might look as a news blog but in fact I am trying to make a list of friends who are in the same line with me trying to figure out a way to make a better future for their country or at least struggling for such a goal. Perhaps it turns to be useful one day and we can achieve something worthy.

Keep in touch and best wishes.

Tina said...

Where did the money go? Ask Hizbollah, they got more than their fair share, ask Moktada Al Sadar, he and his followers are living pretty high on the hog....oh wait, on the goat?

There is absolutely NO excuse for that kind of poverty in Iran. If they didn't spend all their money on terror and weapons, then perhaps the 30,000 killed in Bam would be alive today, perhaps the children in those pictures would have healthy, happy, smiling faces and their homes would be filled with giggles and laughter.