Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Canada's National Post newspaper has the complete story on "recent crackdown on women" and this is somehow good news for those of us who expect the world media to pay attention to what's going on in Iran. This is a great sign and it is appreciated. Any sort of publicity is welcome when it comes to expose the evil regime of Iran and evil things the mullahs do to the Iranian people on a daily basis.



Bita said...

Dear Winston:
Good post.
Women are suppressed, every time the Islamic fascist regime in Iran faces difficulty. Perhaps the lack of nationhood among Iranian have left enough space for these invaders to abuse women, with cruelty. Where are the brothers, fathers, husbands and friends of these women to show their supports?


Anonymous said...

سرانجام نشنال پست یک آرتیکل خوب چاپ کرد!
این بهترین فرصت است که کامنتری بفرستیم و اظهار خوشنودی از اینکه مبارزات زنان ایرانی در این روزنامه انعکاس پیدا کرده؛ البته باید مراقب هم باشیم که زیادی هیجان زده نشویم!

درود بر شما،

ذره بین

Bardia said...

Perfect post and good news. It seems Shahroodi try to be more useful and his speech actually is interested.

Louise said...

Good news, Winston.

serendip said...

Good post. Nazy Kaviani has a great post on her blog:

If you can’t fix the economy,
If you can’t figure out the way to shine in a good light around the globe,
If your friends are the least loved people in the world,
If you don’t know what to do with the minds that think,
If you don’t like what those thoughts bring,
If you have problems with drugs, prostitution, and crime,
If you can’t create jobs to keep everybody decently alive,
It’s time for you to go to the perpetual Plan B,
Where you attack women on the street,
You frighten and insult them,
You degrade and humiliate them,
You drag them away with you to Vozara,
To be paraded through the frightened eyes of those standing by,
And their worried families,
You arrest young men with different hairdos,
You arrest young men and women holding hands,
You arrest young women walking about,
You shout at them, you talk down at them,
You scare and intimidate them,
Now you are safe again for a month,
Go on, enjoy it, your forced values will appear intact again,
For a month.

Dear Winston: did you hear anything about the rebellion where pasdaran opened fire on villagers in one of Fars provinces?

City boy said...

It looks like there are a lot of online sites that have reported this but print media is also very important, if not more.

serendip said...

Winston: I found the news. The town is under Martial Law

Sherry said...

Now, can we see this on CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, etc..??

Jungle Mom said...

OT:My emails seem to not be getting through to you. I am not sure where you are located, but this is happening more and more to us here. Oh well.*sigh* The telecommunications were expropriated a few months ago and now...

Anonymous said...

Yes! They are noticing how suppressed Iranian women are, and will send their tanks to free them, as they liberated Afghan women, and Iraqi women!
You seem not to be living in this world!