Saturday, April 21, 2007


Visited Royal Ontario Museum today and I wasn't really impressed. Don't know why but it really didn't feel like a real museum any way. More Photos, Video 1 and Video 2


Evange said...

I’ve never been to the ROM, but my grandparents have a promotional calendar from there, and I looked through it. To me I got the impression that it would be like the Louvre, only on a smaller scale. But I guess 12 photographs of the exhibits to come don’t really paint a clear picture of what the museum is like.

I’m sorry you didn’t have a good time :(

But as much as the ROM sucked, you could have done a lot worse. As a maritimer, I can’t recall going on a single field trip to a real museum, but rather I remember in 4th grade driving 10 minutes out of town to look at a “historic” covered bridge. And then later when I got a drivers license I learned that although it was very old, it was still in use (The road it’s on is a shortcut to my friends house, it’s a dirt road that cuts strait across, as opposed to taking the high way and needing to double back a bit. I remember the first time I took that route, I stopped the car and got out to look if the bridge was safe to drive on. Because to me, If something is old enough to be considered “historic”, one shouldn’t use it. Not so much as an effort to preserve it further, but rather for safety’s sake.)

Other great field trips from my school days include: The bog, the marsh, and an abandoned fort. And while the old fort may sound cool, it’s basically just a bunch of stone foundations. There isn’t a museum component to it, there isn’t an office, or tour guides, just a bunch of stones on a hill.

Anyway, next time you’re in the mood to visit a museum, may I suggest the Royal Canadian Regiment Museum here in London. It seems like the kind of thing that would be right up your alley.

katayoun said...

I share your opinion!!

Rosemary said...

I share your opinion. Some museums don't move me, while others keep me in awe. Maybe if there is another?