Monday, April 30, 2007

Sweet Memory

Today while commuting to campus to do some additional paper works for my summer classes, I was reading "Eternal Iran" and it was talking at great length about the late 1980s and Khomeini's fanatical reign, and then I suddenly remembered writing my first anti-regime political statement on the blackboards of the school I used to go and it was "Death to Khomeini".

How could you not hate him even if you are a 12 yr old kid?


Jungle Mom said...

I bet you did! And I bet you still do! I agree with you, maybe one day soon.

City boy said...

I remember when I was around that age all kids used to hate Khomeini and Khamenei too, I guess at that age you use your common sense to tell what's good and bad!

That book seems pretty good, it seems to have a very similar structure to another new title "Persians" (2007)

Rancher said...

You knew then what some don't get today.