Monday, April 9, 2007

UN, Not Again...

One of the reasons why we shouldn't trust UN:
    "Iran says a general in its elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps who was listed for travel restrictions by a UN resolution returned home today after visiting Russia without any difficulty"
Why don't we dismantle UN? What good does UN do?


C.H. said...

It's Russia. They won't do anything.

Louise said...

The UN is useless. No one is or can be compelled to follow it's edicts, no matter how lofty.

Not only that, but recent events have proven it to be little more than an Old Dictators Club riddled with scandal and hypocrisy. Remember the Oil-for-Food scandal? And what about the Human Rights Commission chair going to first Lybia and then, more recently, to the Sudan, two countries with dismal human rights records.

Although there are attempts to reform the place, I say it's too little, too late. Dismantle the thing and build something anew for only those countries that conform to basic democratic criteria such as transparency, free and fair elections, a free press, and so on.

katayoun said...

Never mind what UN does or does not.. so far UN is irrelevant. We, the poeple of Iran, should move and do something to overthrow the regime, or we are doomed to suffer even more.

Alexander said...

Have you read Russia's BS response to this?
Russia: no breach of UNSC Iran resolution

Evange said...

"What good does UN do?"

The UN does lots of good for tyrants, terrorists, and thugs.

Unfortunately it doesn’t do any good for democratic freedom loving people.

But sheesh! who are we to judge?

Sherry said...

The UN is useless and should be re-located to another country! The USA should get out of the UN all together.