Thursday, May 10, 2007

Back in Europe

I just arrived in the Netherlands and will be visiting a few European countries within the next week or so.

Weather is fine and Dutch people are friendly as always. It's great to be back here again!


katayoun said...

good for you. please do enjoy your time, and ...'

SOKOOT said...

درود بر شما و تمام مبارزان
مقاله ای بر نقد طرح بد حجابی نوشته شده که از شما دعوت ميشود تا با حضور گرم و با نظر های سازنده خود ما را راهنمايی کنيد
درود بر آزادی

Dr. Armin Afnan said...

Have couple of Joints Winston Churchil, or better to say "Return to sender".
Long Live Liberty. God bless USA. Long Live Israel.