Saturday, June 16, 2007

Solidarity Iran

The Iranian exile opposition assembly called Solidarity Iran is well under way in Paris, France after two previous meetings in Berlin and London. This is an effective step, in my opinion, towards the democracy and peaceful regime change in Iran. The people inside of Iran must be told that that the ex-pats out of the country have not forgotten them and are doing whatever they can to help bring about the changes that the entire nation has anticipated for far too long. All we need for now is a unified governing body out of the country that can replace the current regime in time of its collapse and help make it easier to go through transitional period after the fall of the mullahs. [+]

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کنفرانس اتحاد و همبستگی ایرانیان در تبعید که در ان اعضای اکثر گروههای مخالف رژیم اسلامی ایران شرکت دارند در شهر پاریس فرانسه در جریان است و انتظار میرود که شورا و یا دولت در سایه/تبعید ایرانیان کم کم متولد بشه و این خبر خوبی برای تمام ایرانیانی هست که سالها منتظر چنین لحظه ای بوده اند. امیدوارم که نتایج این شورای همبستگی به نفع ملت زجر دیده داخل ایران باشه. و جالب اینکه دولت فرانسه به رهبری اقای سارکوزی هم نماینده ی ویژه ای به این اجلاس فرستاده و دولت امریکا هم قول همکاری خود را در صورت موفقیت این شورا اعلام کرده. امیدوارم که نتیجه این اجلاس برای همه حاوی خبرهای خوشی باشه. باید صبر کرد و دید که چه خواهد شد


chester said...

yes, a government in exile. I've been saying that for past couple yrs.

serendip said...

This is encouraging news.

Azarmehr said...

sorry guys but I dont share your enthusiasm. I hope I am proved wrong, but I first attended these kind of conferences back in 1996 in Stutgart. I summarise them as such:
"They came, they sat, they talked, they stood and they went away"

And everytime we had to be happy with such statements that "it was so encouraging to see so many Iranians of different persuasion gather under one roof" so what? they gathered, big deal, how many years we have to say this?

Solidarity in Poland was not formed in a conference outside Poland and its Iranian version will not happen this way either.

These old political groups are themselves are an obstacle for us. People have had enough of them and dont trust them.

As a benchmark test whenever you see Kenneth Timmerman ramble on about some iranian group, be sure its a waste of time :))