Friday, June 1, 2007


Belarus, Cuba, Iran, Syria and Venezuela are more or less in the same basket when it comes to totalitarian regimes. All these countries have great potentials, good and hard working people whose common desire is to be free to choose what they want and all of their aspirations are denied by dictatorships and mafia regimes.

However, people of Venezuela have decided not tolerate this crazy little ex-sergeant Chavez any more. Today, thousands of pro-freedom students and ordinary people poured into the streets of Caracas demanding for greater freedoms and re-opening of their favorite media outlets. I'm glad people are showing their anger at him and I hope these protests put an end to his reign and lead the people of this planet to support freedom movements all over the world. Some people deserve any support they can get.

Unfortunately, I know little about the Venezuelan politics but can imagine how it must be to live under a dictatorship run by selfish ex-sergeants or clerics.... etc. The people are the same wherever they are and these totalitarian governments, more or less, use similar tactics to silence the dissent.

I personally wish the people of Venezuela success in fighting their monstrous evil dictator Chavez whose alliance with the mullahs of Iran is another reason for me to dislike him. I have no doubt that what the people in that country wants is almost similar to what my people want back home: Liberty, Freedom of speech and Responsible governments.


Jungle Mom said...

It doesn't seem like a lot to ask for ,does it? Just a little freedom?
We are hoping, but...the regime has all the weapons.

serendip said...

Great post, winston. Thanks.

Jungle Mom said...

How about the JFK plotter who was flying to Venezuela to go to Iran?!?!