Sunday, July 8, 2007

Confronting Iran

Two articles have appeared on newspapers by Senator Lieberman and our own columnist to the world Mark Steyn regarding the threat posed to our world by the Iranian regime.

Senator Joe Lieberman understands the threat posed by the Iranian regime, as always. He writes :
    The threat posed by Iran to our soldiers' lives, our security as a nation and our allies in the Middle East is a truth that cannot be wished or waved away. It must be confronted head-on. The regime in Iran is betting that our political disunity in Washington will constrain us in responding to its attacks. For the sake of our nation's security, we must unite and prove them wrong.
Senator Lieberman, unlike many leftists, is able to understand the grave danger of not responding to Iranian regime bullying us.
Mark Steyn has the same opinion as well. That, showing weakness in the face of threat posed by the mullahs will bite us back in the near future. He has a valid point.
    Britain got so many things wrong during the Rushdie affair, just as America got so many things wrong during the Iranian embassy siege 10 years earlier. But it's now 2007 -- almost two decades after Iran claimed sovereignty over British subjects, almost three decades after they claimed sovereignty over U.S. territory. So what have we learned?
Let's be serious about the Iranian regime. The only language they're able to comprehend is "the language of force".


Anon said...

Yes, Lieberman gets it. So many others don't, or are afraid to admit it because they know if they do, then people will expect something to be done and they aren't ready to deal with that.

Sherry said...

Language of force...something their false prophet taught them. "Do it or die!"