Saturday, July 14, 2007

Evil Talking

The puppet master of the Iranian regime, mullah Rafsanjani, says things you may also hear on BBC or CNN regarding the US anti-terror campaign in Iraq:
    "What a superpower the US is when it can be easily trapped in a small country like Iraq?"
    "US forces can't move in Baghdad streets but in convoys and everyday they carry home their dead and injured soldiers some of whom are not declared and they have to withdraw from Iraq without any achievements."
Sounds familiar? To me, this sounds a lot like what you hear from the US Congress these days. Defeatocrats are in bed with mullahs and jihadists! Shame on DemoNRats!


programmer craig said...

Rafsanjani sounds exactly like Osama bin Ladin and Ayman Al-Zawahiri these days, doesn't he? Actually, I think that is almost word for word what Zarqawi said in a videotape right before he was killed.

If it looks like a terrorist, walks like like a terrorist and talks like a terrorist: it's a terrorist.

I hope everyone who thinks Iran can be engaged diplomatically just as if it were any other nation reads such statements very carefully.

SERENDIP said...

Rafsanjani is the guy that our clueless state department and R. Gates think they can have a back door deal with.

Mike said...

Winston, Amir Taheri reported that Mansour Osanloo the Union leader of bus drivers was beaten and abducted.The Iranian regime is running very scared. It has also been reported that Irans inflation rate will be running between 17%-22% by 2008.I also came across an article claiming that by 2015 if Iran continues on the course it is running Iran will have to import oil.
Heres the article about the Union leader:

Bita said...

Dear Winston,

What did you expect from Rafsanjani? he is not better than Khatami or Khamenei, only a bit diplomatic, that's all.


Rosemary said...

When I heared him, I knew exactly where he copied his speech from for today's 'talk'. They just don't get it. Almost 3,000 people dead for going to work, and they believe it should be handled as a criminal act (they do not believe in the death penalty) instead of it being an act of war. Mommy! Come and get me out of this Twillight Zone!

Kash Kheirkhah said...


Thanks so much for your very kind words on my Persian blog.