Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Number One Issue

The highly educated Islamic terrorists try to terrorize the free world and the free world lacks the will to fight back! Many westerners don't want to believe that this is a war, declared by radical Islamists, against the existence of the western civilization and they want to kill us all.

These incidents show that the terror activities and believing in holy jihad has nothing to do with high levels of education or family background. These immigrants are superbly educated but they are from a different world. We've got to realize that this is a pure idealogical war waged by those who believe killing infidels will help them go to paradise. Those who want to kill the infidels blend with those who don't want to do so. But this is a cancer and the cancer must be removed.

Islamic terrorism and Jihad is our number one issue and we have to address it as such!


Anon said...

Absolutely right!

Rosemary said...

I agree. I am very disappointed in Mr. Brown. Do you know he banned the word, "Muslim," from his cabinet members? So now when they report the news, it is going to be all of the Christians and Swedes doing the murdering! Argghhh!