Tuesday, July 31, 2007


The New York Times ran a potentially seismic op-ed piece today by Michael O’Hanlon and Ken Pollack of the left leaning Brookings Institute.

These two authors have just returned from a trip to Iraq, and they saw what everyone else has seen – noteworthy progress in the wake of the troop surge.

Also, New York Times correspondent John Burns was interviewed by Hugh Hewitt and Mr. Burns noted the progress that has been made on the ground since the troop surge kicked in and warns us of the result of a pre-mature withdrawal from Iraq.

These developments were so important I couldn't resist the temptation of "not posting political stuff for a few days". I am very concerned with the future of Iraq, the war on terrorism and US presence in the region.

The truth to the matter is that I want the United States to win the war in Iraq and help stabilize the region. Major part of this will be achieved when the Iranian theocratic regime is also gone. Because I firmly believe that as long as the mad mullahs are in power in Tehran, the entire world won't see much peace at all. They are the deadly cancer of our age and must be removed before it's too late!

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